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Mallory's Camera

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Every Day Above Ground
11 April

In 1924, George Mallory died on the slopes of Mount Everest. Some historians believe that he was actually the first person to successfully summit Mount Everest, and that he died on the way back down. Mallory is known to have carried a camera when he began his ill-fated ascent on the morning of June 8, 1924, but it wasn't anywhere to be found when mountaineers discovered his frozen dessicated mummy some 70 years later. The camera would have documented his ascent or lack thereof.

I don't actually know why George Mallory exercises such a peculiar fascination over me. I do know that at the time I began keeping this LJ, I was imagining a fantasy story about George Mallory that started with the successful assassination of the Dalai Lama and ended with strange Neanderthal Yetis living on the Tibetan plateau. The fantasy succombed to the sky death but Mallory's Camera lived on.

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