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Of Covid Mutations, Autocrats and Shifts in Political Correctness

RadioLab did a podcast about the evolution of Covid mutations.

Whether it was RadioLab’s intent or not, I came away from the podcast convinced it was entirely the fault of our bizarre hospitalization policies (for which read: phobias about death) that Covid mutations arise.

The case they delved into at length was that of a 70-something man with lymphoma who contracted Covid and was subsequently hospitalized for I-forget-how-many-but-a-lot-of days before finally, inevitably, dying. The lymphoma drugs had weakened his immune system considerably, and so his body turned into a veritable coronavirus plantation.

I forget how many weird coronavirus variants they were able to harvest from it. But I do remember a quote from some medical expert who remarked that it would be almost impossible for such selective evolution to occur in coronavirus viruses in the wild because the host would not survive for that long.

I am really fucking tired of the ceaseless barrage of headlines about variants that “may” be more transmissible.

If they “may” be more transmissible, they also “may not” be more transmissible.

It’s in the media’s interests to scare the citizenry to death because then we’ll consume more media.

And it’s in the government’s interests to scare the citizenry to death because then we’ll be more passive in the face of their efforts to control us.

Ask yourself this: Why do California and Florida have almost identical Covid infection rates when the former state did the whole multiple lockdowns mit mask thing, and the latter state did not? In fact, Florida’s infection rates are actually slightly less than California’s.

There are multiple explanations from multiple experts all attempting to explain that phenomenon.

And the explanation you believe is more likely to reflect your political beliefs than any scientific reality.


What else?

I got into an argument with Ahmad at the TaxBwana scanning session yesterday about assigning client return visits.

“You have to assign return visits consecutively on the sign-up sheet,” Ahmad told me.

“Why do I have to?” I asked.

“Because you have to,” said Ahmad.

“But I don’t agree with that. I believe in giving clients some choice about when they come in.”

“You have to.”

“No, I don’t,” I said.

Ahmad thinks that just because he was sucker enough to volunteer to come in early to set up the TaxBwana banner outside the site, rearrange the chairs and tables, and set up the protective screens, that somehow makes him a leader and gives him the right to set policy.

But he is not the boss of me! 😊

It makes absolutely no difference how you assign clients to come in within the one-hour time period we make available to them to return and pick up the hard copies of their tax returns.

It never fails to amaze me how so many people get off on being petty autocrats.


Other than that, I completed boring Remunerative Work Project #2. Remunerative Work Project #3, the longest and most boring, looms today.

I finished sanding the retablo pieces with 360-grit sandpaper and now must puzzle out jig logistics so I can glue the pieces properly. (I’m also gonna need to hunt down a jeweler’s hammer so I can hammer in the oh-so-tiny-and-adorable nails.

I watched Black Narcissus. (I’m on a Powell and Pressburger kick.)

Visually, it’s stunning. But I’m not big on storylines about women going nuts through sexual deprivation.

The film was highly controversial at the time of its release because its protagonists are Roman Catholic nuns. The Catholic National Legion of Decency condemned it.

Today it would be controversial because the very blonde and fair-skinned Jean Seberg was put in brownface to play a native slut.

Which just goes to show you that notions of what’s politically correct and what isn’t are very transitory.
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