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PUTIN Doesn't Have to Debate! HITLER Never Had to Debate!


Proud Boys in Oregon

I really should have stuck to my original plan to watch The Real Housewives of Potomac.

But, you know. I was afraid that if I didn’t watch, Joe Biden would stroke out on stage. It’s like staring out the window of an airplane in flight: You have to do it, or the plane will crash.

Well, I stared out the window, and the plane did zoomies anyway.

Utterly mesmerizing in its creepy way. Some kind of seminal moment in American history.

One thing perhaps we can all agree upon: Trump didn’t do a masterful job wooing the suburban female vote!

If this country survives this—and there’s no guarantee that it will—this will be a defining moment: A sitting President of the United States calling upon White Supremacists to dispute the results of a coming election.


Personally, I’ve always liked Biden—though I liked him better in 2015 and wish he had not been so amenable to being bulldozed by the redoubtable Mrs. Clinton—for whom I did not vote.

Would I vote for her now?

God, yes. (And that’s saying something.) But then again, I would vote for the crackhead who’s currently standing in the boarded up doorway of the Poughkeepsie Dollar General urinating on himself if he was running against Donald Trump.

Biden is no leftist—which is one of the reasons I like him! I’m a big fan of regulated capitalism.

My outrage from this moment on is not directed toward Trump—whom I’ve always loathed—but toward every single person who votes for Trump. I used to feel some sort of empathy for them.

No more.


I went to a Trump rally back in 2016.

No, I didn’t have the slightest interest in voting for Trump, and there was absolutely no way my mind could be changed on that one.

But I was really curious: What kind of people actually find Trump appealing?

My conclusion after studying the crowd and eavesdropping on dozens of conversations was that they are people who equate their own personal brand with Rugged Individualism.

I would imagine the die-hards are still telling themselves that.

But Trump’s failure to denounce racism when given an easy set up, and refusal to say that he would accept the outcome of the vote while Biden clearly denounced violence of all sorts will now give both reason and cover to suburban-leaning-conservative voters to abandon Trump.

Fingers crossed. Crossposted from Dreamwidth.
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