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Every Day Above Ground

Too Bad I'm Not a 25-Year-Old Graduate Student in Cultural Anthroopology


The strange sky persists.

This photograph was taken around 2pm yesterday.

It’s not a particularly good rendition of what I see because when I look up, I don’t see blue at all, just this glassy, colorless firmament, like the very top of an enormous bell jar.

It’s amazing to me that people are just scurrying about, getting on with their lives while this sky is happening because it seems like an enormous event to me.

And I’m really curious as to how much light the stratospheric smoke layer is filtering out. Enough to have an effect on the birds whom like I say have abandoned their morning serenade.

I never really woke up yesterday. I mean, I did, obviously, but at any second, I could have lain down my head and slept the sleep of a hundred years. Dredging back the years to the neurophysiology course I took as an undergrad, I’m remembering that it’s the intensity of the light detected by retinal cells that triggers all those hypothalamus-mediated chemical events in the body—upticks in cortisol production, downticks in melatonin—that regulate circadian rhythms.

This would make an interesting research project, wouldn’t it? The Long-Term Effects of Climate Change in Areas Not Directly Affected by Fire or Flood.

Too bad I’m not a 25-year-old graduate student in cultural anthropology.


Also yesterday, I had a major epiphany about Trump’s appeal.

Trump is a lifestyle brand!

Right up there with Harley Davison.

Back when I ran the Little Store, about 40% of my customers were into Harley Davison swag. Tee-shirts, hats, jewelry. Even tattoos! Presumably, these customers thought that by decorating themselves with Harley Davison flair, they were signaling their rugged individuality—oblivious to the fact that if so many other people are signaling rugged individuality in exactly the same way, it ain’t rugged individuality; it’s sheep-like conformity.

What-evah! I was happy to take their money and keep my social-anthropologist-from-the-planet-Mars observations to myself.

I think Trumpism is like that. Another version of Jimmy Buffet and his Parrotheads.

Since it’s a lifestyle choice, not a political decision, there’s really very little Democrats can do to cut into this base. Biden is not a lifestyle brand.

No, the very best thing you can do with these people is insinuate yourself by being super-friendly and point out that voting is such a drag. Whisper to them, “Don’t bother.Crossposted from Dreamwidth.
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