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Mustard Stains On Their Clothes


Yesterday evening, we did a take-home version of the Harvest Dinner, which is the garden’s biggest fundraiser of the year.

I’m never entirely sure why the garden needs a fundraiser—to build ever more woodchuck-proof fences, perhaps? Or maybe we donate to the Hyde Park Food Pantry?

Anyway, Claude cooks. He is actually a middlingly famous chef, having written the definitive book on Normandy cuisine and having taught at the Culinary Institute. For many years, he ran a restaurant in these parts that was highly successful.

Last night, he did an excellent ratatouille that was amazingly seasoned as well as a roasted-potato-and-grilled-peppers dish that was very delicious and not particularly hot. Also roast pork and an apple cake that really did melt in your mouth.

I was one of the runners, but it turned out, there wasn’t much running. So, mostly, I wandered around taking candid videos, which I hope to turn into a brilliant iMovie, and looking at old photographs on walls.

Here is a memento of the time George VI visited Hyde Park, hat in hand, to beg FDR to enter WWII on the Allies’ side:


FDR refused, but he did treat the King to a very nice hot dog picnic.


More fun with royalty. The tints look suspect. Is this really a color photo or was it colorized after the fact? I assume that is FDR and Eleanor’s oldest son to FDR’s left, holding his old man up, since by that point, FDR couldn’t stand. To the son’s left, we see dragon lady Sara Delano Roosevelt and to her left, Eleanor in a most unflattering dress. George VI looks quite tiny, doesn’t he? And the future Queen Mother has that Nancy Reagan adoring look down pat.

This one is my favorite:


Definitely Eleanor, and I think the other woman’s the Queen. Eleanor’s hair is mussed; she looks a little drunk, doesn’t she? The Queen Mother is said to have been an enormous tippler, so maybe she was, too; maybe the two women actually liked each other. Eleanor went to boarding school in Britain, and really, really, loved the experience, so we can speculate she was something of an Anglophile and had it been up to her, the King and Queen of England would have left Hyde Park with something more than mustard stains on their clothes. Crossposted from Dreamwidth.
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