Every Day Above Ground (mallorys_camera) wrote,
Every Day Above Ground

What Matters


Idyllic yesterday! Sunny and bright! Even if the dogwood showed signs of its inevitable blight…

I got up close and personal with a bunch of pretty plants:




I saw adorable goslings:


I gardened! I shared my hatred of squash with Claude who recoiled in horror and listened to Joe talk about how his restaurant was probably going to close forever and that meant he was gonna have to trade in the lease on his Mercedes for a lease on a Suburu Forester.

When I got home, I paid bills, exactly as though I was a real live human girl, and that was its own type of enchantment!


While I was out tromping, a particularly problematic passage in the Work in Progress began telling itself to me, almost as though I was listening to an audiobook.

I should have immediately turned it into a voice memo or something. It was that good, and of course, I had forgotten most of it by the time I got home. Which ordinarily would have put me in a bad humor. But I remained in a good humor.

Because none of this stuff really matters.


Does anything matter?

I suspect not.
Tags: covid-19
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