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Stinging Nettles


Nearly every gardener in our collective plot except for me is associated in some way with the Culinary Institute of America. A professor there, a restaurant owner here, and just around that corner, a mid-range famous chef who was once a contestant on Top Chef (early elimination.)

Our monthly garden workdays are always entertaining because I catch up on the local culinary gossip. Which local restaurants are closing forever. Which plucky and resilient owners are changing with the times. Which chefs are contemplating suicide. Etcetera.

It’s not entertaining to weed stinging nettles, which were flourishing—along with billions of sunchokes—in the back of the garden that we’re turning into an orchard. Both are legacy of The Bad Gardener who let his plot be Overgrown with Weeds and whose name is Never Pronounced. I believe he was also selling the sunchokes to local restauranteurs at considerable profit, which is another very big No-No.

The nettles stung.

Since the men had commandeered all the pitchforks and shovels, I was left to tackle my portion of the back 40 with a small trowel. I wore gardening gloves, but I did get a couple of scratches on my arms. Ouch!

I don’t usually mask up when I’m outside, but since we were all wandering in and out of each other’s territorial waters—for which read six-foot personal space—I figured I’d be polite:


Not much else went on yesterday.

I perfected my totalitarian regime on Tropico.

I worked—desultorily.

When the little voice in the back of my head nagged, You’re not doing enough!, I snapped, Fuck off. I’m making my bed every morning, aren't I? What more do you want from me?

Even the most compliant among us is plotting small acts of rebellion!

Those who’ve been surly and resistant about the Lockdown all along are getting downright Republican in their heedlessness of quarantine decorum, however strong their support for Planned Parenthood may once have been.

Personally, I suspect infection incidence will plunge in the next few weeks because the weather is getting warmer. There’s no reason to believe that this novel coronavirus behaves any differently than any other virus, after all, and it seems like all viruses go on sabbatical during the summer.

It will come back with a vengeance in September is what I’m thinking.

So, best to enjoy the warm weather to the extent that’s possible Get it all out of our systems before the second wave.

Cue portentous Game of Thrones theme music: Winter is coming.

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