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Why You're Going to Be in Lockdown for At Least the Next Two Years

Some top model—no, not the Tyra Banks kind!—is predicting 100,000 U.S. covid-19 deaths by the end of summer.

And I am thinking, Where did you pull those numbers out of? Trump’s ass?

Because it seems quite clear to me the way the mortality rate is accelerating that there will be at least 200,000 U.S. covid-19 deaths by the end of summer.

And even assuming that the vaccine discovery takes place in December (when Saturn moves into Aquarius), it will take another two to five years before they can mass produce it in any quantity. Mass-producing attenuated viruses is labor-intensive; it requires culturing the virus in a living medium (let us hope that medium is eggs, not monkeys), and then, harvesting, purifying, attenuating and testing.

What kind of excess manufacturing capacity will Evil Big Pharma need to have to accomplish this miracle?

Shouldn’t they be building out those factories right now if they’re really serious?

‘Cause they’re not building out those factories right now.

In any event, the first small vaccine batch will not be for the likes of you and me! It will be for very, very rich folks.

So, you know.

Get comfortable with your quarantine setup. Likely you’re gonna be enjoying it for a while longer—unless the government throws up its collective hands and sez, “Enough is enough!”

And if that happens, one will have to wonder: Why did we bother with a quarantine in the first place?


The party line on that one, of course, is that we were “flattening the curve” so that healthcare facilities were not overwhelmed.

But outside of Seattle in the early days and New York City now and seemingly forever, is there any place in the U.S. where health care facilities were overwhelmed?

That’s a serious question by the way. I don’t know the answer.

And, of course, it also raises the question of how effective were/are these health care facilities in saving people’s lives anyway? I haven’t been able to track down stats, and frankly I’m sick of reading heartwarming stories in The New Yorker and The New York Times about how they play Here Comes the Sun when recovered patients are wheeled down the corridor toward the hospital exit.

I can see how supplemental oxygen is very effective. I can’t see how ventilators are particularly effective: There’s simply no logic to force-oxygenating alveoli that are too damaged for oxygen exchange to take place.


Also, states like Georgia that are “reopening” are not doing so to support the economic welfare of the populations who live in those states.

They’re doing it so that the State of Georgia doesn’t have to pay for unemployment and other state-financed safety net benefits for “furloughed” employees. It’s cost shifting, in other words.

Those rifle-toting protestors storming the Michigan state capital are so fuckin’ dumb! Nobody’s gonna pay them a salary right now! And they don’t want the safety net.


Can you tell that it rained all day yesterday, and I didn’t get out of the house? Crossposted from Dreamwidth.
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