Every Day Above Ground (mallorys_camera) wrote,
Every Day Above Ground

Ill Again

Officially sick.

Wheezing quite badly with some chills. Mildly upset tummy.

Could not fall asleep last night for anything. Dry cough.

Canceled all the day’s appointments so I could stay home and Google all the fatal diseases my signs are symptomatic of. Let’s see… Asthma. Pleurisy. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Lung cancer. Congestive heart failure.

My nailbeds aren’t blue, and I’m not seeing any periorbital cyanosis. So, I’m not in any serious oxygen failure or circulatory shutdown.


Not surprised I’ve fallen ill. Depression and negative thoughts predispose one toward inflammations, which weakens the immune system, hence lowering one’s susceptibility. Pat was bedridden for 5 days last week, and I’ve been hanging out with her husband Ed who may have acted as a disease vector. He didn’t get sick, but then, he’s one of those relentlessly upbeat chappies.

Shortly, I will venture out into the world to purchase vast quantities of chicken soup and ginger ale.

I hate the entire medical establishment so there’s no way I would ever see a doctor unless I’d managed to hack off a limb somehow.


Spent all day yesterday writing blogs for lawyers who are too lazy to write them for themselves but who’ve been advised that social media hooks will increase their SEO. Let’s see… I covered how to adopt a child through the foster child system in New Jersey; how to write an OSHA hazard analysis; New Jersey’s lack of any quantitative metric for measuring marijuana intoxication while driving (State v. Justin Bealor!); and Texas’s distinctly odd Family Code Standard possession order for holidays.

No wonder I’m such a repository of useless information!

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Tags: health, work
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