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The Healing Effects of Hatch Green Chilis


We’re deep into Tax Bwana training, and it’s just as boring as you might imagine it would be.

Many, many changes to the tax code this year, but the one I find most bizarre is that alimony is no longer deductible, and the person who receives alimony doesn’t have to declare it as income. The tax burden has been shifted, in other words. I suppose this is a lag indicator that will change as more and more women pay alimony, and women in power align their interests with the rich. In the meantime, divorce lawyers are gonna have a field day.

Oh, and 529s can now be used to fund K-12 education at the Federal level. (Thank you, Mikey Pence and Betsy DeVos!) Although, 529s can not be used at New York State level to fund K-12 education because the teachers union is very powerful here.


I was in a terrible mood. Life has become one long subclinical panic attack: I am convinced I am the most horrible person on the planet, and everybody hates me—with good reason, of course, because I have done something bad, very baaaad, even though I don’t remember what that bad thing was.

All you can do when you feel this way is to remind yourself that what you’re feeling is not real, that it’s an echo from your hideous childhood. But that’s a hard mental discipline to pull off.

It wasn’t helped by my discovery that I am widely viewed as the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the Tax Bwana tribe, as in: She know’s her stuff, but she’s cray-cray. This is because I spoke up last year about the comparative lack of women and the absolute absence of people of color among the Tax Bwana preparers.

“You really need to do better outreach,” I told the Tax Bwana in Chief for Dutchess County—who is female but approximately 115 years old and uses Eleanor Roosevelt as her stylist. She slit her eyes at me.

Perhaps I should have used the inclusive pronoun “we.”

Anyway, the mood continued throughout the day until I ate Panera green chili stew for dinner because I was much too despondent to cook.

And then I felt a supernatural lightening of my mood and thought, Damn! It’s the chilis! Nature’s own antidepressant!

And immediately started Googling Hatch green chilis to see if there was any way I could order 30 pounds, frozen, so that I could eat nothing but green chili until the days are longer and the light comes back.

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