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Destiny Is All

So, it turns out I am sick: I hab a code. I’m sneezing and hacking and dealing with all sorts of unpleasant body secretions. Shuddering with chills in an overheated house.

Yesterday, before I realized I had a cold, the temps were in the 50s—probably the last time that’s gonna happen till spring—so I forced myself to go running. Probably a mistake, but macho is always good, right?

A client wanted a piece on Jim Cramer, so I pounded one out. Jim Cramer has an interesting background: Before he became a hedge fund manager/You Too Can Be RICH! evangelist, he was a reporter who covered the Ted Bundy trials. He also helped Alan Dershowitz with the Claus von Bulow defense despite thinking von Bulow was guilty as hell. A hired gun!

I reread Zoo City (Lauren Beukes), which I’d originally read on the plane back to NYC. The book ends so abruptly that I thought perhaps I’d missed some essential plot point. I hadn’t.

Beukes is outstanding when it comes to imagination but somewhat clumsy when it comes to scattering breadcrumbs that let readers navigate their ways through the imaginary universes she constructs. Of course, Zoo City was only her second novel (I’m reading Beukes in reverse order), and Broken Monsters is a lot better with respect to transparency, so clearly she’s climbing the learning curve here.

I liked Zoo City a lot, but I’m not sure I would recommend it to anyone.

Also watched several episodes of The Last Kingdom on Netflix, which is a show I absolutely adore. Not entirely sure why. The actor who plays Alfred the Great bears a ghostly resemblance to Steve R_______, my Great Lost Love, both physically and in terms of characterization—that’s part of it.

But another part of it is that whenever the characters travel anywhere in the seven kingdoms, the show flashes the Anglo-Saxon name for the place and then the letters gradually shimmer into the contemporary name for the place: SALTWIC->shimmer, shimmer, shimmer-> DROITWICH, so you’re forced to run to Wikipedia and look the place up. Thus we learn that Droitwich—which I assume is now a suburb of Birmingham—is situated on massive salt deposits that have been mined since Roman times. Skirmishes with invading Danes—life and death at the time—happened more than 1,000 years ago, and nobody thinks about them now.

Just as the skirmishes of today will eventually have taken place 1,000 years ago.

And nobody will think about them.

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