Every Day Above Ground (mallorys_camera) wrote,
Every Day Above Ground

Don't Forget to Vote!

I have never seen such a crowd at a polling place—honest to God! Never!—as the one I saw this morning.

I had to park 200 yards down the road. There wasn’t a single space in the (fire department) parking lot.

There were some snafus. The ballot itself was a little bit crazy since apparently there are close to a dozen people running for the supreme court judgeship, and the people who designed the ballot got their columns and rows confused, so that it would have been very, very easy to vote for three supreme court judges.

And some people did!

This being New York State, the kindly precinct watchers merely invalidated those ballots and let those people vote again.

But I did have to wonder how that scenario would play out in North Carolina or Mississippi.

Also, after you finished filling in your circles with the Magic Voting Pen filled with Magic Voting Ink, you take it to an ancient machine where the results are tabulated.

I get that it’s best to use ancient machines with no smart technology so that Bad Guys can’t hack them.

But these ancient machines were temperamental and spat out several ballots while I was watching.

Again, the kindly New York State precinct watchers’ solution was to give those voters new ballots.

But I wonder about when this happens in other less progressive states.

And I also wonder what happens if my precinct runs out of ballots.

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