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Another Day When I Didn't Cure Cancer

Didn’t do anything yesterday. Weird monsoonish weather system plus injured knee have had an exponential effect on my native indolence.

(Of course, any day when I haven’t discovered a cancer cure by midmorning and spent the afternoon scribbling the definitive sequel to War & Peace feels like a day I’ve spent doing nothing.)

Thought about making $$$ but didn’t really make any.

What did I do instead?

Who can remember?

The knee seems to be healing, but I know that’s a matter of time. I’ve been perambulating very slowly around the grounds of the FDR Library every afternoon because I get antsy; and tomorrow I’m going to the City for a couple of days and will probably rack up the miles. If I walk s-l-o-w-l-y, I should be fine.

The way the warranties expire on all your body parts is absolutely the worst part about getting old.


Batchelor #3 and I spent another hour and a half on the phone last night.

He is going to take me out to an extremely expensive restaurant in Rhinebeck on August 9th. (I’m going up to T-burg to hang out with the BoyZ almost immediately after I get back from NYC, so won’t be available till then.)

I do like Bachelor #3. He’s very easygoing and smart although not smart in the same way that I am. He’s not intellectual. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, of course. He’s had a very successful business career, for example, launching and selling various real estate companies, insurance brokerships, and motorcycle dealerships. That takes brains.

He reads a lot but always light detective novels. We talked politics a bit—he’s a registered Republican. Not an HRC fan. (But then, neither am I.) As a prosperous businessman whose turf is the Hamptons, he has a rather extensive business and social network, and one member of that network was an HRC operative who gave him all kinds of inside dirt on the Clintons and the campaign. I suspect he may even have voted for Trump in the last election though I very pointedly did not ask.

He does agree that it would be best if the Dems take back the House.

I can live with that.

“What are you looking for in a relationship?” I asked him.

“Somebody who has my back,” he replied.

I can live with that, too.

We’ll see if there’s any spark there when we meet in person. He lives mostly on Long Island but maintains what he describes as a pied a terre in Manhattan. So, it would be a long-distance relationship.

I would be just fine with that.

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