October 14th, 2021

The Song the Canaries Sing From Their Their Coalmine Cages.

I was ten miles down the road toward the Best L’il Corn Maze in the Whole Wide World when [personal profile] asakiyume began texting frantically: The corn maze isn’t open today!

We rescheduled Big Corn Maze Fun till Friday, and I drove on to the village of Rhinebeck where I treated myself to breakfast and bought a bunch of stuff for other people at over-priced stores.

I’m generally very sympthetic toward over-priced stores in tourist meccas having once operated one myself.

But the over-priced store owners in Rhinebeck can be pretty fuckin’ rude.

I mean, granted, I dress like a homeless person, so it can be difficult to read my socio-economic cues. But I like to think of that as a test, a modernization of Ovid’s preachy Baucis and Philemon fable.

Over breakfast, I eavesdropped on two married couples, about my own age. They were having a conversation about Medicare options. The conversation went on for half an hour.

I thought, Huh! Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me! I don’t have enough conversations about Medicare options! And the ones I do have aren’t long enough.

Rhinebeck! Ever a pit stop on the Road to Greater Self-Awareness.


On the drive home, I noticed all the election signs that have begun popping up on people’s lawns and public byways. The vast majority of them tout Republican candidates.

Labels like “Republican” and “Democrat,” of course, are fairly useless at a local level in a small village where the big issues tend to be trash collection, hunting permits and potholes.

Still. I can’t help hearing the song the canaries sing from their coalmine cages.

I suspect the local Republican candidates are gonna roust the Democratic candidates from office come November 4th.

The big question is to what degree will this presage a similar turn of events in the midterm elections one year from now?


I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

I think the current two-party system in the U.S. is a duopoly. Rabid parisanship on one side or the other is kind of like a Holy War between people who drink Coke and people who drink Pepsi.

I voted for Biden because Trump was such a trainwreck. Subsequent events on January 6th and insane fixations on a “stolen” election have only strengthened this conviction.

But I have no illusions about Biden.

I do admire him for ending the war in Afghanistan.

I like his child tax credit.

I myself will be a beneficiary of his 5.9% COLA increase for social security in 2022.

And I realize the ask is never the nut, so the payload on the $3.5 trillion budget was always intended to be $2 trillion.

The thing that’s making me reconsider whether I’d vote for Biden in 2024 actually is the item he slipped into the current budget bill requiring that banks report all payments of over $600.

Yes, I know it sounds trivial.

But to me, this is a very blatant signal that the Democrats intend to go on squeezing $$$ out of the ever-shrinking middle class to fund their pork, and this enrages me!

Go after Amazon, I’m thinking. I could make an alphabetical list of companies that paid taxes on paper and then got porkbarrel rebates that essentially increased their profit margins: Archer Daniels Midland, FedEx, Nike… Those are just the easy ones I know without Googling.

Biden won’t go after these companies, of course.

Because the Democrats don’t really give a fuck about the ever-shrinking middle class. Or about social security recipients or children living in poverty either if it comes to that. These are merely strategies designed to cement the 2024 vote.

The Republicans don't care about them either, of course, but at least they don't pretend to.

At this point, I’d vote for Biden again if the alternative is too terrible.

But I won’t be voting for Biden in that case. I’ll be voting against someone else—which is essentially what I did in the 2020 election.

I wish the world were a place where I could vote for someone because I admired them.

And that the Birthday Fairy would finally bring me a pony!

(Too bad, Bernie Sanders is so obviously on the spectrum. For the most part, I agree with his agenda.) Crossposted from Dreamwidth.