October 13th, 2021

Vaccination Refuseniks

Shortly I must dash off to meet the fabulous [personal profile] asakiyume at the world’s most fabulous corn maze, so I am scribbling in haste.

When I was out tromping yesterday, I got a better view of how this weird, weird autumn is progressing:

These trees are on the west bank of the Hudson, and you can see clearly that anywhere between 20% and one-third of them are completely bare. The leaves just… dropped off. They never changed color. Very weird, although I suppose the phenomenon would have to sustain for a few yesrs in a row in order to be statistically significant.

What else?

I spent a large chunk of yesterday on the phone with Ichabod who was driving his new-to-him wheels up from Tustin to Ukiah.

People need to be kept amused and diverted on long car rides.

We talked a lot about “vaccine hesitancy.”

I’m more tolerant than most of people who for one reason or another don’t want to get vaccinated.

I mean, not to the assholes who have chosen to turn a public health crisis into a holy war between the Forces of Individual Agency vs. The Dark Armies of Collective Domination.

But to the refuseniks with healthcare backgrounds.

There are a fair number of those, and you really can’t dismiss them all as “ignorant.”

I got into a debate a few weeks back with an aquaintance who worked in the pharmacology industry for many years. The debate was mannerly; we are both grownups.

Her objection to vaccination was that natural immunity is more effective and that vaccine-bolstered immunity will only lead to more and more domination by unscrupulous Big Pharma companies.

“Of course, we should vaccinate our most vulnerable!” she said at one point.

I frowned. “But if you’re talking about vaccinating our most vulnerable, you’re talking about 70 percent of the population,” I pointed out, “since ‘most vulnerable’ includes people over 65 and people with significant co-morbidities. The most significant co-morbidity for COVID is obesity. Something like 48% of the U.S. population is obese.”

To that, she had no answer.

I labored more on the current Remunerative Project, which is very difficult to write on account of there’s no data for me to crunch.

And generally remained in an upbeat, happy mood because it was a sunny day.

This, of course, is the classic Seasonal Affective Disorder presentation. Crossposted from Dreamwidth.