October 4th, 2021


This is what that article meant when it wrote climate change is impacting autumn:

Leaves on some tree species do typically dry out rather than change color. But not maple leaves. These trees are maples.

It wasn’t an unusually dry summer at all. In fact, I think we got more than twice our average rainfall.

So, this is concerning.


I tromped in the gloom. Made pleasant chitchat where pleasant chitchat was required. Nearly finished the current Remunerative Project.

But mentally was packing my suitcase for teleportation to some place very, very far away.

Later in the evening, the gloom turned to more rain.


I can’t say the mood I’m in is unproductive.

I suppose the psychiatric term for it would be “anhedonia”.

Unfortunately, there are no movies I want to see and no items I want to buy.

I suppose I could always get my hair cut. But I’m not sure that would supply enough dopamine to shake this mood. Crossposted from Dreamwidth.