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September 14th, 2018

I Dream of Rock Stars Who Tease Their Hair

Dreamed I was stalking this Famous Rock ‘N’ Roll musician who lived in this huge dilapidated mansion in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. He had a reputation for being intellectual, so I figured if I couldn’t snag him with my beauty, I’d snag him with my knowledge of post-modern literature. He was pleasant enough toward me in a distracted kind of way, although there were tons of other people around having various misadventures—some engaging—so I had to struggle hard to keep his attention.

One night while I was there, he, the other members of the band, and everyone’s entourage were going to a party.

It wasn’t clear to me that I’d been invited to the party, but dammit! I was gonna go.

Two limos were going to transport us all to the party: One was going to pull up in front of the mansion; the other, behind.

Somehow, I lost him in the pre-party confusion, but then when I saw him again, he had teased up his hair into this crazy-looking Afro. Should I tease my hair, too? I thought. All I have to do to my hair is brush it hard to make it stand up straight.

I ran outside because I was afraid the limos had left without me. But no, a white limo was pulling up. Limos in the dream were charged with doing a bunch of crazy stunts when they pulled up in front of places, and this one actually flipped on to its top and skidded up to the front of the mansion completely upside down.


Uneventful day. I’m behind in my revenue generation, but it was sunny, so I was in a happy mood.

Watched an episode of House before I went to sleep.

Gregory House in this series is so much like my friend Tom that my heart would break if Tom hadn’t been dead these 20 years plus or more.

No, really! The voice, the physical appearance, the cold intelligence, the biting cynicism. The Sydney Carton affect.

It’s uncanny.

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