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September 13th, 2018

It's Called Fashion, Brenda! Look It Up.

I was miserable all day yesterday.

It was cold and grey and wet and dreary.

The reason why I was miserable yesterday was because it was cold and grey and wet and dreary.

But humans being storytelling animals, naturally I’d devised a narrative: I was miserable because I was the most repulsive person on the planet! Nobody loved me! Nobody even liked me! There were people who pretended to like me—God knows why—but shortly, they would see the error of their ways.

I suppose I need to start popping Vitamin D again.


I decided not to go hear Steve Bannon at The Economist’s Open Futures event on Saturday.

Bannon does really fascinate me even if he is yesterday’s news.

But honestly? Bannon is not gonna sit in a café with me talking about books and wisecracking about that outfit that woman over there is wearing. (“It’s called fashion, Brenda! Look it up.”)

Instead, I put out tentative feelers to Lois Lane whom I have not seen in many a moon but whose odd combo of sharp intelligence and well-nigh Prince Myshkin-like levels of saintliness and humility guaranteed her an automatic seat in my Inner Circle when we first met.

I fully expected her to say, Sorry, Patrizia, I’m washing my hair! because, after all, I am the most repulsive person on the planet, so who would want to hang out with me?

But instead, she said, Oh wow!! For sure!! That sounds so neat!!!

Like I’ve said before, the one downside to living in the Hudson Valley is that there are so few people with whom I can really have the types of connections I crave. Oh, there are lots of people with whom I can exchange little packets of positive socialization.

But when I listen to the exchanges around me—Oh, you didn’t like the purple one? Did they show you the pink one? But you decided to go with the orange one? I would have gone with the green one—I often think, Better to be a hermit living in a fuckin’ cave

Yep. I’m a snob.


Meanwhile, they are reporting on the hurricane that’s poised to take out the Carolinas and Virginia as though it is some kind of sporting event.

I suppose I should be grateful that weather reportage has cut down on the number of times I have to see Trump’s name in the headlines.

But honestly?

I think the 24/7 news cycle’s relentless crisis mongering is driving everyone insane.

I get it! No man is an island! But you know what? It’s happening over there. It’s not happening here! So, there really are limits to how much I should have to care about it.

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