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September 9th, 2018

I'm Making a List

Twelve-year-olds are probably my favorite people on this planet.

As I was putting the garden to sleep yesterday afternoon, 12-year old Kaden and his Mom wandered in, and Kaden and I had a perfectly lovely conversation about jalapenos, and capsaicin, and the difference between annuals and perennials, and all the while, I wondered, Why did the Universe have to make sex the method by which animals procreate, anyway?

In another year, Kaden will hit puberty, and nobody will ever be able to talk to him again.

Kinda sad, really. He’s such a great kid.

Harvested what will probably be my second-to-the-last round of tomatoes:

I’ve made just about all the tomato pies and tomato sauce I can bear to make this season, so I guess these get roasted with garlic cloves and olive oil, popped into freezer bags, and then frozen for January soups.

And, of course, there are plenty of Brussels sprouts!

And I still have tons of basil. I never thought it would be possible to get tired of eating pesto. But I was wrong.

Also, oddly enough, my peppers are really flowering and fruiting now. I feel kinda sorry for them since weather forecasters are predicting high winds and flooding rains later this week, courtesy of Hurricane Florence. Poor peppers! They don’t really want to be growing in the Atlantic Northeast!

L gave me this box, which I’m gonna turn into an Art Installation for Robin’s b-day:

“What’s your favorite color?” I asked him.

“Salmon-ish. Light red,” he said. Of course, he’s a manly man, so the word “pink” will never cross his lips.

“And what’s your favorite memory of things we’ve shared together?”

“Fun, sunny days on the bike path,” he said. “Or walking with the dogs on Del Monte beach!”

So-o-o, the Art Installation will be a celebration of those experiences.

Though, of course, the big present will be money. Offspring shouldn’t have to suffer because their parents have crafty aspirations.


Other than that?

I did boring remunerative work.

And I made a list of all the practical things I have to do.

Surely, that’s almost as good as doing them.

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