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September 2nd, 2018

Amanda Serving the People

I love this woman. Her name is Amanda Kirchgessner, and she waited tables at the State Street Diner in Ithaca for 16 years, saving up her tips so that she could self-finance a run for the State Senate.


Meanwhile, back in the world of Big Money Politic$, lucky members of the American Resistance got to choose between TWO (2) (TOO) Big Funerals to slush over yesterday.

Requiem One: White warmonger rehabilitated in death through hatred of President Trump.

Requiem Two: Black chanteuse who brought gospel to rock ‘n’ roll and had a lot of friends who hated President Trump.

(I always kinda got the feeling that Aretha herself was apolitical.)

I know which funeral I would rather have been invited to.

I’m pretty sure I know which funeral Barack Obama would have rather been invited to, too, but instead he went for the white guy’s kickoff, presumably because that was best for the Democratic Party.


The world is a rigged game.

Though it’s absolutely true that that sperm that penetrated your mama’s egg to create you won out over something like 250 million to one odds, so I guess you’re ahead of the house just starting out.

Assuming that life is a win worth having.

Which given my inherently melancholic disposition is certainly never my default.

Still. People like Amanda Kirchgessner give me hope.


Speaking of money, I made some yesterday, and I’ve gotta make more today.

I also have to go to the New Paltz craft fair because the clasp on my absolutely favorite bracelet in the world—my totemic typewriter key bracelet— broke, and the woman who made it said she’ll fix it for free-ee-ee-eeeeeee!

I could actually fix it for free myself except it uses a very peculiar kind of clasp, which I couldn’t find anywhere.

It's a win/win situation because I'll probably end up buying a NYC subway token bracelet while I'm there.


Everybody loves my marinara sauce.

And I saw my first unmistakable, yep!-summer-is-ending turning tree when I was out running yesterday:


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