Every Day Above Ground (mallorys_camera) wrote,
Every Day Above Ground

Those Classifieds in the Daily Circus Planet

Life continues to be uneventful.

I’d been debating One More Road Trip—but now I’m thinking, I won’t.

Like I said, that winter dullness, inertia, and lack of interest in my own life came on early this year.

Yesterday, I did something I haven’t done in months: I ate lots of sweets.

One day of eating sweets isn’t gonna derail me from the straight and narrow, of course, but that’s how habits always begin, isn’t it? You do something one day, and you think, It isn’t gonna hurt me to do this one day. You get the little dopamine hit, and then, you think, It probably isn’t gonna hurt me to do this two days.

Next thing you know, you’re scanning the Help Wanted: Fat Lady classifieds in the Daily Circus Planet.


I resumed taking down the garden. Problem is the pepper plants are still fruiting, still flowering if it comes to that, and I hate to root up plants that are still in the prime of their lives. Pepper yield is less than it was last year but still more than I can use:

I’m still going through the hot sauce I made last year. Making more this year would be… redundant.

(And I just used the word “still” four times in the last two paragraphs. Bad writer! Baaaaaaaad writer!)

Started the next Remunerative Project.

On the creative writing front, I’m writing that part of The Novel where June is whatever the 1950s version of 5150’d was at Bellevue where she’ll shortly be receiving electroshock treatment.

As you can imagine, this is unpleasant to write. I don’t want to research anythng about electroshock treatment, so I’m more or less dredging the descriptions out of my own imagination. Not fun. Fortunately, this is all close 1st person POV, which means I can telescope those descriptions since I seem to remember people who go through this contemporary variant of medieval torture don’t remember it in any kind of organized manner.

The Franzen novel is good.

The offspring are doing well. RTT recovered from his respiratory crud of earlier this week, and it wasn’t COVID.

There’s one item on the To Do list that I’ve been staring at all week without To-Doing. I’ve gotta tackle it today, sigh…

And also, I’ve gotta process the rest of the basil into pesto because, you know, it’s a slap to God’s face to grow something and not use it. Crossposted from Dreamwidth.
Tags: #i, food, garden, seasonal affective disorder, writing

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