Every Day Above Ground (mallorys_camera) wrote,
Every Day Above Ground

I’m pretty sure those “National _____ Days” on Facebook are all just data mining ploys by hacker gangs looking to harvest valuable social graph information.

In spite of that, I want the Russian bots to know I am super proud of my son, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! You’re the greatest, Vladik!


Dreamed I was eating in a restaurant in Genova with Toto A______ who was some kind of diplomatic attaché.

(In Real Life, I’ve always been mildly attracted to Toto though he’s definitely the wrong physical type for me, being slight and slender. When we were both 19, I once boasted to him that someone had told me I looked just like Sophia Lauren! Toto rolled his eyes. “Don’t go out with him,” he advised. “He just wants to get into your pants.”)

Toto absolutely hated Genova! But I kinda liked it: Genova has always reminded me of an Italian Oakland.

This was very explicitly Not a Date, so when it came time to pay for the meal, I began searching my purse for a credit card. But I couldn’t find any credit cards! They weren’t where they were supposed to be, and I realized some clever thief had accessed my purse and stolen my credit cards. What a hassle they were gonna be to replace!

Then I remembered I had slipped one credit card into my pocket, and it was probably still there. I began searching around for it while the server stood there with a polite expression on her face, and Toto trilled his fingers impatiently against the table.

Then I was with RTT who informed me he was throwing a party.

You absolutely cannot throw a party, I told him. It’s Tuesday—a school night.

RTT just looked at me slyly. Dad will let me, he said.

And I woke up.


Nothing much else to report.

My life is very dull.

I remunerate, garden, read and tromp. I liked Nine Nasty Words enough to go on a John McWhorter reading jag.

Temps have taken a sudden plunge—which shouldn’t be unexpected, it is October after all. But I didn't expect it. I guess I wanted it to go on being in the low 70° range forever. Crossposted from Dreamwidth.
Tags: #nothing, bots, dreams, facebook, weather

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