Every Day Above Ground (mallorys_camera) wrote,
Every Day Above Ground

Text Messages as a Coronavirus Vector

Another Bill Hare dream!

This time, he and MaryAnn were living with offspring I knew quite well in the dream but who don’t exist in real life—a young man (his son) and a child (his grandson).

I was curious about what room in his house they were staying in, and Bill was giving me answers that didn’t make sense until finally, I realized, Bill’s moved.

When did you move? I asked.

Twenty-four weeks ago, he answered. In July.

He’d moved to an apartment in San Francisco, into the top floor of a white building on a treeless street. In the dream, there was a sense that he’d moved into an area where I’d been many, many times before.

When I woke up, though, I didn’t recognize the area.

And, of course, if he’d moved 24 weeks ago, that would mean he moved in April.


Spent yesterday feeling off.

I have this thing: I never like to use the word “sick” to describe how I feel unless I’m so incapacitated, I can’t get out of bed.

And since that rarely happens, I am never “sick”.

But there was definitely a health-related something going on yesterday.

It was an intestinal thing, but also, weirdly, a sinus thing.

I managed to mount some masks on my wall. And I went to the grocery store.

But that was it so far as useful work was concerned.

Of course, being me and living in a magical universe, I persuaded myself that I’d caught the plague from Lois Lane merely by texting with her. The CDC really needs to look into binary code over radio waves as a vector for coronavirus infection!


I’m still not 100% today. But better than I was yesterday.

Although, of course, it's still early. Crossposted from Dreamwidth.
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