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The Lost Jews of Honduras

Wow. France just recalled its ambassador. And the Last American Drone in Afghanistan took out civilians not terrorists. Plus, 12,000 Haitians are cowering under a bridge somewhere in Texas.

The Democrats are so cooked in 2022.


Meanwhile, back in the quaint and scenic Hudson Valley…

I’ve been in an oddly detached mood since I got back from my trip. Real Life imposes—that’s unavoidable—but it’s like listening to voices in another room.

The mood is not unpleasant, but it’s also not what one might call productive.

The To Do List grows ever longer. I look at it and think: Does it matter if I do that now, or I do that tomorrow? Or next week?

And in most cases, the answer is: It doesn’t.


I hadn’t planned to fast on Yom Kippur, but I ended up fasting anyway. I’m like one of those Honduran Jews who fled Spain during the inquisition and sought refuge in the mountains of Central America. Over the centuries, they assimilated, but still refused to eat pork and butchered their animals without stunning them first—though they never knew why they were doing that.

In searching inventory terms, I didn’t have a lot to atone for last year. Of course, in prior years, I had so much to atone for that maybe there was some carryover effect.

Anyway, I woke up before light, drank coffee and then simply did not eat.

A few hours before sunset, I developed a headache but figured I’d come this far, so I might as well see it out to the end of the day.

Neighbor Ed, who was also fasting without officially fasting, kept texting me highlights from the various religious services he was attending by Zoom.

I don’t do Zoom religious services. In fact, I’ve let my membership in the Woodstock Reconstructionist Jewish congregation lapse because they went all Zoom during COVID Pandemic, Part I.


Other than that, I’m taking down my garden. It didn’t do particularly well this year. The only garden that did do well is Claude’s pepper garden:

I’m gonna pay more attention to soil prep. The bad harvest probably has more to do with the excessive amount of rain we got this year than it has to do with the soil, but enriching the soil can’t hurt.

I’m also gonna plant a bunch of tulip and daffodil bulbs in the upper plot.


My masks and rubber stamps—the only things I was interested in salvaging from the California storage unit—arrived yesterday, so I’ve been arranging the masks on my walls and trying to figure out what to do with the rubber stamps. I was deeply into collage-like art projects at one point, but I don’t see myself getting back into that. Still. I like the stamps.

Here is the undisputed Re del Carnevale:

But my favorite (and so timely, too!) remains the Plague Doctor:

I’ve kinda been working on the latest Remunerative Project, but in a most desultory fashion. All the Big Bills have been paid this month, and I’ve still got money in the bank, so you know—no sense of urgency.

Tropico 6 came out with a new DLC, so that’s mostly where my mind has been. Who doesn’t want to be supreme dictator of their own impoverished Caribbean island, right?

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