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Losing Track of Time Plus Tiffany Windows

Did not sleep at all well last night even though I spent a more-or-less idyllic day yesterday.

Last TaxBwana scanning session of the season was in the morning.

TaxBwana-ing just hasn’t been fun this year.

And I do it because it’s fun.

Yeah, yeah, there’s a little bit of See how virtuous I am? in the mix, too. But not as much as you might think.

And I’m not the only tax bwana thinking along those lines!

TaxBwana Central’s enthusiastic email—Good news, peons! We have the opportunity to serve the public for another month!—fell on deaf ears.

Not enough of us re-upped to keep the service going.


In the afternoon, I went off to the garden to dig up my two plots.

How did so many rocks get into the soil? They weren’t there last year, were they? And how do strawberry plants manage to proliferate under ice and snow? ‘Cause I gave refuge to a couple of Claud’s orphaned strawberries last summer, and now I have a whole strawberry patch! And I’m not a big fan of strawberries.

Deb wandered by.

She is the only person that caught Covid who I know well enough to pepper with highly personal and doubtless inappropriate questions: And how often did you think you were going to die?

She actually doesn’t mind them.

The day was beautiful! Sunny but not hot, in the low 70°s. Birds were singing but their song only served to emphasize the silence somehow, and when I finally paused to listen to the St. James church bell strike the hour, I thought, Do they know their bell isn’t keeping accurate time?

‘Cause the bell had struck five, and I’d come here at one, and I knew I’d only been there two hours—

Except I hadn’t.

I’d been there for four hours.

I’d lost track of time.


I think the desk chair is why I had trouble sleeping.

Two of its wheels are broken so that the seat tilts ever so imperceptibly.

But the tilt is not so imperceptible to my lumbar spine.

My body is out of balance. I’m getting strange, random twinges of pain in my legs, in my shoulders. I notice it when I lift my legs to walk.

Maybe there’s a little osteoarthritis mixed in, too.


I ordered a new desk chair.

Can’t do much about the other thing.


RTT with whom I’m now BFF sent me this amusing photo of himself:

The older gentleman is the late Darryl’s stepfather who just bought an abandoned church in Horseheads for $50 K.

The stained glass windows themselves look to me as though they could easily go for $10 K apiece, and there are a lot of them:

Dunno who the artist is, but there’s a lot of authenticated Tiffany glass in this part of New York state. Montour Falls, a mere 13 miles away, is just crawling with the stuff. (Photo below is of the Tiffany windows in the Montour Falls public library.)

It’s conceivable the stained glass windows in the abandoned church could have been done by Tiffany. Or by a close protégé.

And I'd like to see that church before they begin remodeling it. Crossposted from Dreamwidth.
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