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The IRS has extended the tax season, thereby creating a dilemma for me.

Volunteer tax preparation has not been at all fun this year, and while the purpose of volunteer tax preparation is not fun but some abstract ideal of selfless service to others (gag), still: Girls just wanna have fun.

Or at least: I just wanna have fun.

So, do I sign on for that additional month or no?

Volunteer tax preparation is the only community activity I’m participating in at present, the rest of my time being devoted to income-generating projects, a few stabs at “art,” and the endless viewing of endless movies on the endless number of streaming video services I subscribe to.

I get that this hardly rises to the standards of a hedonistic lifestyle! But it is designed to keep me relatively depression-proof.

I’ve decided that everyone’s Numbah One Job in these oh-so-interesting times is to Keep Happy, and if Keeping Happy means Keeping Distracted, I’m in.

I’ll probably end up doing the extra volunteer month.

I don’t know how or why I ended up developing a conscience in the latter years of my life, but it’s undeniable that develop one, I did.


Today will be busy.

Boring TaxBwana stuff into the afternoon, and then I will tromp around in officially-spring landscapes, and then I have a slew of friends-and-family tax returns to prepare plus Remunerative Work Project #3, which involves a very close scrutiny of some very uninspiring prose.

Two trips to plan.

To Ithaca two weeks after my upcoming Vaccination 2 to visit my Bad Boy Boo—who offhandedly told me yesterday, “Oh, yeah. I was smoking a joint with this Cornell student, and she tested positive. So, I guess I should get a test, right?” (He tested negative.)

And to California at the end of May to visit Numbah One. I will be spending most of my time in Mendocino, Sonoma, and Santa Cruz counties and hardly any of it in the Bay Area.
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